Growing up in Knoxville meant Sunday afternoons sitting under the shade trees listening to women of my extended family exchange stories and gave me a deep sense of connection to them and my past.
Early on, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller, too, and I began writing short stories and poetry at the age of ten or eleven.  
Real life guided me into social work, and those experiences showed me what is best and worst in people, deepening my understanding of people's strengths and weaknesses.
After many years, I retired and wanted to do the one thing I always knew I was meant to do – tell stories.


This book is the fruit of my labor.

Something happens to change the main character's life from one that should have been extraordinary to one that was not. The story explores all that follows, and at the end, reveals why. I'm hoping there will be a sequel!

HAC - Published on Amazon.com


This book is a great first effort by a new author.

George W. Painter - Published on Amazon.com